Aptitude Studio

Aptitude Studio was founded in 2011
by Tommaso Calini and Alessandra Cervia

Aptitude Studio is synonymous with a refined and tailored working method, always able to be translated on various scales thanks to a conscious and pragmatic approach.

We enhance the architectural space
and the people who live there.

Each project by Aptitude Studio comes to life as an expression of the uniqueness of spatial and personal needs, like a tailored suit in which every detail must be properly calibrated.

We do not want to create aseptic spaces, but liveable and lived-in environments, in which the evidence of a passage, the traces of the human presence, the clue of an encounter are evident.

Our skill lies in knowing how to interpret
the particular needs of each project
and listen to the needs of the person
with discretion and versatility.

Through study and philological research we investigate the deep reasons of each architecture. Through empathy we understand people's needs.

The word Aptitude in English describes our mindset devoted to listening before any design request.