Arco della Pace

Arco della Pace

The apartment is located close to the “Arco della Pace” monument, in one of the most elegant residential areas in Milan.
The building , built in the 30’s has preserved during the years its enriching original details such as the entrance hall and the stairway in polychrome marble, seminato floors and wood and brass finishes.

The merging of two different units has given as a result an L-shaped flat extending and facing both on the road and on the building inner courtyard.
Since restoration measures carried out in the 60’s had hidden its original features, still covered by low quality construction elements, our main mission was to restore its
historical nature and essence and start shaping from there.
The original long hallway with the sequential rooms didn’t satisfy the present needs of wide and open spaces also requested by the clients but, in the meantime, we preferred
not to jeopardize the original plan of the building
We found the solution replacing the original partition walls with bespoke furnishing.

In the final part of the long hallway, enriched by a smoked oak wood flooring, which has been designed on the original one but reshaped taking into account the new
volumes of the apartment, are the children’s bedrooms.
The whole furnishing of the flat is a combination of custom furniture, selected designed pieces from both the past and the contemporary designers and Wunderkammer
pieces. This combo creates the perfect balance among tradition, modernism and irony too.
Not bespoke pieces that we choose for this project, are the result of a constant research. We love to discover and collaborate with young emerging designers and skilled
craftsmen with whom we can share our passion and love for our job, bearing in mind our continuous eagerness for research and experimentation.

Photos: © Mattia Aquila

The repetition of the rooms is now replaced by the sequence of the functions, reachable by visible or hidden multiple passages.
The telescope sight from the study near the hall runs up to the kitchen, which can also be hidden from the dining and “wine/spirits” area through a thick linen gauze curtain.
However a chinese red laquered close-by corridor behind an inclined pivot door allows you to reach the kitchen even when the passage is blocked.