Porta Nuova

Porta Nuova

The apartment is located in the center of Milan, in a neighborhood that lives suspended between the buildings of Brera and the most innovative and contemporary part of the city's urban redevelopment.

The view onto the street and onto a pleasant internal courtyard guarantees light throughout the day. The request of the customers was to make the spaces more current and functional, minimizing the masonry works and construction times, but giving as final goal the achievement of a scenographic effect and a new character, as the box after the reconstruction of the the entire building had by now lost the details of the time inside.
This led us to imagine environments by articulating domestic life through the contrast between color and wallpaper, passing from light and bright rooms, to spaces characterized by dark and intense colors or walls covered with incisive wallpapers.

Photos: © Mattia Aquila

At the entrance, the large custom-designed wardrobe becomes a botanical backdrop that characterizes the entire room. A passtrough boockcase in burnished brass is placed as a filter in the dining and living area.
Yes, it's a containment and decorative element, but it has the function of connecting the spaces of the living area as a vector in a solution of perceptual continuity.